Scare You Now (scare_you_now) wrote,
Scare You Now

Some Online Articles on Nodoroc and the Wog - Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Really nothing new in way of information, but I thought the pictures made them worth a look. They have a recreation of the "alter" that was mentioned. Also, they suggested that the Wog might have actually been a giant monitor lizard of some sort, similar to a Komodo dragon. I sort of doubt that, but it was an entertaining theory anyway.

But could you imagine if something like that had existed in Georgia back then? Or, better yet, what if one was still around right now? Yeah, I'm never going into the woods again....

Also, I found this artist interpretation of the Wog:

Tags: cryptids/cryptozoology, folklore/legend, fortean, georgia, georgia mysteries, georgia myths and legends, mysterious beings, mysterious places, nodoroc/the wog
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